These testimonials reflect work done during the previous version of my business where I was doing Remote Support and, before that, on-site support. I am no longer providing those services outside of volunteering for Mark (see below), but these testimonials remain true regarding my skill set, knowledge, abilities, and work ethic. I hope they will give you confidence as you consider sending me your tech questions or supporting my work.

"Kevin helped me several times over a period of several years with different computers. He was always friendly, helpful and fixed whatever problem I had. He also helped me set up a new system that worked very well. I am disabled and he often went the extra mile when I needed it. I would highly recommend him!"
--Florence Enns, Leduc AB

"A few years back I bought a new computer system and was about to call The Geek Squad when I thought..."hey that's not supporting local'...so I was fortunate to have been a Twitter connection with Kevin Lloyd who I contacted to give the business to for my media/marketing company. I'm glad I did. Kevin was prompt, efficient, and congenial to deal with - and set up the system to my exact and precise preferences. Zero problems with it over the years! I'm happy to provide a positive reference for another hard working local guy who's very good at what he does. Support LOCAL!"
-Marty Forbes, Retired, Former President Radiowise Inc, Edmonton AB

"Kevin was very focused and knowledgeable when it came to helping me with my computer tech problems. He was reliable and trustworthy and I would definitely call him again."
--Susan Janzen, B.Ed., Edmonton AB

"Kevin did all of our IT work at the store for many years. He was always reliable.and a phone call away. When it was time to upgrade our computers, Kevin suggestion are still in place today.I wish he was still here, Kevin is a hard fella to replace."
--Dennis Hulsman, Global Pet Foods, Leduc AB

"In the past few years i have had Kevin service my computer. I found him trust worthy and competent. He upgraded my Microsoft 7 to 10, which I’ve been very satisfied with. I would use his services again and recommend him to others."
--Annette Jensen, Comox BC

"Kevin provided a personalized, interactive, and knowledgeable clean up of my PC. We discussed my business and technology needs, ensured all my programs were properly updated and secured, and I came away with a better understanding of my computer.

Kevin showed a personal knowledge and interest in technology and security, only suggesting things he felt would add value to my business or simplify my life. I will definitely be bookmarking Kevin the Tech Guy. This one stop shop for all my technology questions will save me time, stress, and money.

Overall, my computer is running like a dream, I feel confident in the programs we discussed (all of which are free programs trusted by those in the computer technology field), and best of all, I feel seen. As a small business owner himself, Kevin showed a genuine interest in finding technology solutions that highlight the versatility and adaptability that a PC was made for."

--CJ Verbeem, Charlottetown PEI

"When I launched my campaign, I knew I couldn’t afford to be slowed down by computer troubles. Kevin’s ability to guide me through issues that crop up, his advice on how to ensure my data is safe and secure, and the monthly computer health checks that he does for me all add up to great peace of mind.

With Kevin in my corner, I know that once a month my computer gets a healthcheck, and I don't have to think about it again. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs personalized support and wants a trustworthy, personable expert at the other end of the phone."

--Michelle Baer, Alberta NDP Candidate for Red Deer South

"I always want to thank Kevin, who volunteers his time to keep my computer running and help me with all my IT issues/support. He is a kind soul, and I really value his expertise and support. Thank you so much for all you do! He is an excellent resource, and has been amazing, solving all my tech problems and issues for the operation I run. I strongly recommend him."

--Mark Cherrington, Vulnerable Persons Advocate, The Coalition for Justice and Human Rights, Edmonton AB