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Hello everyone! I am genuinely very excited to launch my NEW and FREE newsletter hosted on Beehiiv! You can check it out here, along with the first edition of the newsletter online!

New subscribers will receive the second edition in their inboxes, and so forth.

My goal with this newsletter is simple: to provide you with the latest tech news that I think actually matters to you and affects you, and what you can do about it. I will provide a summary of tech news stories, why I think you should care, and briefly share my thoughts about it.

I will also cover a few cool or useful things you can try in Windows, or even on your Mac from time to time! Those will link to my blog posts on those topics, or other website articles.

That will be followed up with something fun, my recent blog posts, and You Might Also Like features other things I think might interest you from across the internet.

Here's What To Expect

  • 3 Things To Know
  • 3 Things to Try
  • Something Fun
  • Recent Blog Posts
  • You Might Also Like

In time, I will offer a paid version of the newsletter with additional content for $5 per month, or $10 off for the year!

If you're a Tier 2 member of my Patreon, you'll get access to the paid newsletter for free!

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