Kevin’s Picks: Groupy 2

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In this pick, I am focusing on Groupy 2 from Stardock. It enables tabs in File Explorer, which windows 10 does not have by default. These are similar to tabs in your browser. I literally use and depend on Groupy every single day, and it makes me more productive.

It's about $15 CAD.

Click Image To View Larger Version

You can go to Stardock's website to purchase and download it. Click on the "get it now" button.

$15 allows you to install and use Groupy on up to 5 devices.  It's a little cheaper if you're upgrading from a previous version of Groupy.

Click Image To View Larger Version

Click Image To View Larger Version

You can customize how Groupy works quite a bit.

This includes where the tabs are placed, either above File Explorer, or integrated with it. I find placing the tabs above File Explorer works better.

Here's an example of how Groupy tabs in Windows 10 looks.

Groupy also works in Windows 11, and replaces the tab design built into Windows 11

Click Image To View Larger Version

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